Links to Other Girls' and Educational Gender Equity Sites

Amelia Bloomer Project --
A list of feminist literature for young people 18 and under. A project of the Feminist Task Force of the American Library Association.

American Association of University Women --
Despite its name, this organization is for all women and girls, not just university women. They promote education and equity for women and girls, and conduct research on women and girls. Their pathbreaking studies have included: Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging America; How Schools Shortchange Girls; and Hostile Hallways: The AAUW Survey on Sexual Harassment in America's Schools.

Camp Ophelia, Club Ophelia --
Information on how teen girls can participate in Camp Ophelia and Club Ophelia, designed to build their personal power.

Chelsea House Publishers -
This publisher carries dozens of biographies of famous women, including African-American, Latina, Asian, Native-American, and lesbian women.

Dads and Daughters --
Tips on being an effective father -- whether or not you live with your daughter -- as well as opportunities to take action on issues affecting young women.

Daughters Newsletter --
A resource for parents of adolescent girls.

Feminist Majority Foundation Online --
The most comprehensive feminist site on the Web. Great for high school students doing research on feminist issues. Daily feminist news section keeps users up-to-date on the latest women's issues news. Feminist Career Center gives young people ideas of the types of women's issues careers that are available. Feminist Online Store is full of T-shirts, stickers, books, and more. --
An activist community and portal of resources and information that support women's equality, justice, wellness and safety.

Girl Scouts of the USA -
They're not just about selling cookies -- they're also (and mostly) about helping girls develop to their full potential.

Girls, Inc. -
A 50-year-old national youth organization "helping every girl become strong, smart and bold." Girls 6-18 can join in 1,000 locations. The focus is on poor and/or minority girls.

Ms. Foundation --
Best known for sponsoring Take Our Daughters to Work Day, the Ms. Foundation also sponsors the Girls, Young Women and Leadership Program, which provides funding to girls' programs; and researches issues of interest to girls' health and development.

National Coalition of Girls' Schools --
Information about attending an all-girls school, and a list of member schools.

National Women's History Project --
Books, curriculum guides, posters and other materials for teachers to bring women's history alive for students. Also ideas for community groups, librarians and parents to introduce people to women's history. Hundreds of exemplary women's history projects throughout the nation are highlighted. A wonderful, comprehensive list of links for women's history sites is included.

Oyate --
Information about Native American books for children, including many books with strong female characters.

Sticker Sisters --
All sorts of stuff with girl-power messages: stickers, buttons, shoe-laces, pens. Wow!

Teen Voices Magazine --
An alternative magazine for teens, especially teens in difficult situations such as pregnancy and sexual abuse. Also covers sports, politics, health, environment, and more.

Women in the World History Curriculum -
Curriculum materials and lesson ideas for teachers to introduce women's world history to their students. Also includes short biographies of little-known women leaders in world history.

This list was compiled by Jyotsna Sreenivasan -, to whom you can send questions, comments, suggestions, etc.

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