My new book of short stories and a novella is These Americans. This collection explores what it means to live between Indian culture and American expectations.  An Indian-born immigrant mother gives birth to her daughter in a small Ohio town.  A girl recently returned from India strives to become “American” again.  A naïve immigrant mother is in denial about her lawyer daughter’s lesbianism. An elderly doctor keeps a shocking secret from her daughter.

Here are some nice things people are saying about the book:

“Readers looking for accessible short stories capturing immigrant experiences and women’s lives will find These Americans a study in contrasting cultures. . . . Thought-provoking, diverse, yet interconnected by Indian heritage, American experience, and women’s lives and concerns, These Americans offers a rich set of insights.”

  • Midwest Book Review
“The crafted stories of Jyotsna Sreenivasan’s collection These Americans offer the perspectives of immigrant and native-born Indian Americans as they balance Indian culture with the expectations with American life. . . . Though there are subtle variations in tone and setting, the stories of These Americans form a cohesive, captivating collection.”
  • Foreword Reviews
“The stories in These Americans explore with lightness and eloquence the complexity of living between cultures.  Sreenivasan writes beautifully about childhood and about the very particular complications that women face as wives and mothers.  A wonderful novella, “Hawk”, completes the collection with a heartrending account of a mother and daughter navigating prejudice at home and at work.  A dazzling and lovely collection.”
  • Margot Livesey, award-winning author of Mercury and The Hidden Machinery

“Jyotsna Sreenivasan’s short stories are clearly, and aptly entitled: These Americans. These are stories about everyday Indian American people in the United States. We learn more details of lives that are lived parallel to the mainstream, Hollywood vision of America. The stories are a valuable addition to the more complex panorama of American life that readers are, at last, eager to read.”

  • Breena Clarke, author of River, Cross My Heart (Oprah book club selection) and Stand the Storm (named one of the 100 best books of 2008 by the Washington Post)

“A quietly tender–and occasionally hilarious–meditation on life, family, and immigration.”

  • Marie Myung-Ok Lee, author of The Evening Hero and Finding My Voice and a founder of the Asian American Writer’s Workshop

My latest novel is And Laughter Fell from the Sky.

Here is what people are saying about it:

“Sreenivasan writes with a tender, seemingly semiautobiographical view of her subjects and clearly understands the familial and cultural pressures on second-generation Americans and the expectations of traditional Indian American culture. . . . This is a witty, timely exploration of the varying definitions of success, belonging, cultural identity, and the human desire to connect.” — Stephanie Turza, Booklist

“This is a wonderful debut novel, full of heart and soul, familial and romantic love, and the search for happiness.” — Diane LaRue, Bookchickdi blog (Diane lists my novel as one of her favorites for 2012!)

And Laughter Fell from the Sky is a sweet, wonderful love story about two people trying to make their relationship work in a judgmental society. I honestly enjoyed this more than I can express.” — Anjana Vasan, Kindle and Me blog

“Jyotsna Sreenivasan’s poignant debut novel And Laughter Fell from the Sky is a moving love story that is both traditional and modern, surprising and deeply comforting – it’s not only about finding love, but a way to be true to ourselves.” –Laura Dave, author of The First Husband

“Insightful, hopeful, and luminescent, Sreenivasan’s novel will make you believe in the power of love to overcome all obstacles.” –Anjali Banerjee, author of Haunting Jasmine and Imaginary Men

And Laughter Fell from the Sky is a timely story about what matters most deeply: our quest for love and acceptance, and our fear that we will never find that person who might give us both. Jyotsna Sreenivasan’s writing speaks straight to the heart.” — Kim Barnes, author of In the Kingdom of Men

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Other Books I’ve Written

I am also the author of three books for children — two middle-grade novels, Aruna’s Journeys and The Moon Over Crete; and a biography, Ela Bhatt: Uniting Women in India. I have written two reference books for high school and college students: Utopias in American History, and Poverty and the Government in America.

The manuscript of my as-yet-unpublished novel On the Brink of Bloom was a finalist for the PEN/Bellwether Prize in 2014.

Short Stories I’ve Written

My short stories (for grown-ups) have appeared in a number of literary magazines, including Copper Nickel, American Literary Review and Tampa Review.

My short stories are included in the following anthologies: Confessions: Fact or Fiction? edited by Herta Feely and Marian O’Shea Wernicke; Mamas and Papas: On the Sublime and Heartbreaking Art of Parenting, edited by Alys Masek and Kelly Mayhew; and Living in America: Poetry and Fiction by South Asian American Writers, edited by Roshni Rustomji Kerns.

“Crystal Vase: Snapshots” appears in the Fall 2018 issue of Copper Nickel.

“What She Remembers” appears in the Spring 2015 issue of Stone Boat Literary Journal.

“Revolution” is included in Sixfold’s Winter 2014 Fiction issue.

“Throb” appears in the Halloween issue of Conclave: A Journal of Character, and was nominated by them for a Pushcart Prize.

“Sister” is included in Lalitamba 5, a magazine of spiritual fiction, poetry, and essays.

An audio version of my story “Home” is included in the April 2012 issue of the Drum Literary Magazine.

My story “Perfect Sunday” appeared in the January 2012 issue of India Currents magazine.

One of my short stories (a very short, somewhat strange story) was published online in Barrelhouse magazine: Once There Was a Woman in a Car.

My Other Web Sites

Check out my new web site, HerStory Novels, which lists and reviews historical fiction by women and about women.

My web site Second Generation Stories: Literature by Children of Immigrants lists and reviews books by people born in the U.S. to immigrant parents, and by people who have immigrated to the U.S. as children.

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I was born and raised in northeastern Ohio. My parents are immigrants from India. I earned a BA in English literature from Kent State University, and an MA in English literature from the University of Michigan. I have worked as a writer and editor at a variety of nonprofits in Washington, DC, and at the University of Idaho. I currently work as a secondary school English teacher in Columbus, Ohio.

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