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On a trip to the beach, Sandy is horrified at a pile of trash she encouters. She begins cleaning up the  mess, separating trash from recyclables. As she works, she notices someone coming towards her–the “crazy old woman” Sandy has heard about, who roams the beach picking up trash.

At first Sandy is afraid. However, the Garbage Lady is friendly, and helps Sandy with her work.  The Garbage Lady teaches Sandy about her environmental “footprint” and how to reduce it.

My eight-year-old son hadn’t heard of the term “environmental footprint,” so we had fun talking about what that meant, and what we as a family do to reduce our footprint.

The illustrations by Adrianna Steele-Card were created using recycled and natural material. On the last page is a list with 12 suggestions for reducing our footprints.

I have included this book on my girls list.